Player reviews of Aviator

Friends, hello everyone.

I’ve been playing Aviator at different online casino websites for quite a long time, so I want to share with you some feedbacks from real players. I suppose this will help you better understand the peculiarities of the game + players’ opinions will give you an understanding that Aviator is not a scam and not a fraud.

So, Aviator is a popular crash game that is found in almost all betting companies and online casinos. Its essence is to pick up the money won in time before the plane crashes.

The sense of excitement is achieved here by the fact that the odds of winning increases every second, but the plane crash can happen at any moment. And so you don’t have to waste time on the DEMO version, I decided to show you some reviews of the crash game Aviator.

What would you like to say about Aviator for real money?
Great slot, I like everything about it. I prefer to fly the airplane in the mobile app after work.
Very sensational in its time slot. I saw it in almost every online casinos I came across.
Absolutely average slot, which is not worthy of attention. In my opinion, playing Aviator is boring.
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Real reviews of the Aviator game

Dear friends, I have seen many different reviews of Aviator from players. The most important thing that they all have in common:

  1. The Aviator game is very cool.
  2. You can earn money in this game.
  3. There are many different profitable strategies for Aviator.
  4. Those players who do not want to make a deposit right away can use the DEMO-mode.
  5. You can download the Aviator app for Android or iOS at any time.
  6. Aviator is a classic game of chance, so you have to be careful not to go to extremes.

In general, reviews from real players come down to the following: you can play Aviator for recreation and pleasure. And if you are a little lucky – you can win good money!

IMPORTANT: You can read all the opinions below in the comments.


Let’s summarize, friends. Real player reviews of Aviator show that it may not be the most profitable game you can find in an online casinos, but it clearly has potential.

Yes, there is a high chance of losing, but at a distance with an average budget and with the help of strategies you can increase your bankroll by 10-30% every day. And if you take into account the game’s automation features, you can formally call Aviator a passive income.

Thank you for your attention.

9 Replies to “Player reviews of Aviator”

  • №1 says:

    Hi all! You won’t make millions of dollars here, of course. I read a lot of reviews about Aviator before I decided to try it myself, and I can say that playing this game is interesting only with automatic bets. Constantly clicking and looking for the right odds – long and quite unprofitable. Otherwise, everything is very simple: you fly and win money. I used the “Martingale” strategy in the game, but I heard that this is not the only strategy that works. You can also set up a different number of bets in a series and an automatic Cashout at the right odds. I think that the automatic Cashout is the most important feature because it frees the player from having to constantly look at the screen and choose the odds by himself. Don’t confuse Aviator, by the way, with “JetX” or other similar games. They are similar, but it seemed to me that the algorithms are different. Although, if you play by the “Martingale” strategy, you can probably win real money anywhere, because it all depends on the budget.

  • №2 says:

    Aviator is a very easy to learn game. Despite the negative reviews of the Aviator game, I can’t write the same. I like the possibility of automatic betting: they are a must when playing for a long time. If you are not going to sit for a long time, you can handle everything manually. I did not check betting limits, mostly betting average amounts from 1 to 5 dollars. In a few flights the losses were getting to critical, so sometimes I had to stop myself and lower the bets. I also did not use any strategies. I tried to bet systematically to see the result. I saw a lot of questions such as “Is Aviator a scam? To tell you the truth, it stopped me at first. But after playing Aviator for a while I can say for sure: no, it is not a scam. But you have to understand that this is not a gift and not easy money. Even in the game slots (if you just constantly replenish your balance) – chances are better. Here all the same requires at least a minimum understanding of the game and the choice of adequate odds.

  • №3 says:

    I often play at different online casinos, so Aviator was not something new to me. However, the reviews of people about Aviator surprised even me! Like any gambling game, it does not guarantee or promise anything, so you should not blindly believe in victory. As a person with experience, I can definitely say that you can make money here. There are nuances, like everywhere else, but they are nothing more than peculiarities that must be taken into account. You’ll have to use strategies sometimes and be thoughtful about your bankroll. I repeat: if you don’t count the money spent and won, like in the slots, you can’t do it here. Take it seriously. Otherwise, Aviator is a good slot that will help you try something new or give you a chance to relax after work or study. I don’t know if those who bet on sports will like it, but online casino players will definitely like it.

  • №4 says:

    Surprisingly interesting game, although I often wondered myself, “Is Aviator a scam or a fair game?” This point puzzled me, but in the end won a lot of money. I met other analogues of the game like “JetX” and others, but for some reason I did not like them. As far as I understood – the differences there are not only visual, but also in the algorithms. I’m already pretty used to Aviator, so switching to something else is not an option for me. It’s easy to get the hang of how everything works. The interface doesn’t strain your brain, but sometimes the wording is a bit confusing. For those who are just about to try playing, I can advise you to read the manual first. It will come in handy when you start betting real money. Or you can start with DEMO-mode, where virtual money is unlimited, you won’t notice much difference.

  • №5 says:

    If you take into account all the reviews of the game Aviator for real money, then, on average, only those who try to understand it earn there. And I, too, at first did not understand how to play. So I lost about $30, but one day I managed to figure it out. Now the money is already winning (although not for 1 hour, as some people like to write in reviews), but the fact is the fact. Deception special, too, did not notice. All licensed, so I doubt they would distort the results. Sometimes, however, I still do not understand the algorithms and the black streak began. I would not recommend them to beginners. I would not recommend playing for real money to newcomers, because it takes a lot of time to master the game. It’s easy to understand how Aviator works, but to feel the game and win all the time is a bit different. Although I know: there are some enthusiasts who never stop. So my recommendation would be to play the DEMO-mode first and then play for real money.

  • №6 says:

    I used to often think about the question: Aviator – is it a scam or the truth? Friends, now I’m already looking for free time to go to the online casino site and start playing. Unlike the competitors, there is nothing here that would make you doubt the honesty. And I say this from personal experience, because once there was a problem with the payment. I talked to the support, waited a couple of hours for the check and the winnings were paid. We are talking about the company 1xbet. Yes, I have more confidence in the brand after that. Especially greedy I recommend not to play Aviator, because a working strategy is important here. Just thoughtlessly put one bet after another, hoping for a positive result, it will not work here. It is necessary to approach everything seriously, also – try to anticipate a few steps. The principle of the game is simple enough, I think this will become clear after five minutes of play. What do you need? – You make a bet, the plane flies, you fix the odds in time. If it falls – repeat. You can use the “Martingale” strategy, which works almost 100%, but prepare a lot of money right away. Increase the bet here can be x2-2.5 of the original.

  • №7 says:

    Hi all. This is my first review of Aviator for real money, because before I played only in DEMO-mode. I can tell you that earning money is definitely possible here! But only with a deep understanding of the game. If you never faced with Aviator before and not only with this type of games, then start with DEMO-mode. Everything else is simple. Automatic betting tools also help a lot not to fall off the pace and put almost everything on stream. It will be many times easier for those who know the math! You can calculate entire series, with each series tied to an amount, and then bet based on that data. Sounds like a scientific approach, but in fact it’s simple! What is required, again, is to do it all at a pace. You can also find tips and strategies online. Many people find them helpful, but personally, I don’t. I’ve had to find my own approach that works for me. And it’s great, so I don’t see the point in changing anything.

  • №8 says:

    I’m glad that the frequent question “Is Aviator a scam?” from inexperienced players is heard less and less these days. I note at once: those who have never tried themselves in betting and online casino games, go and read the manuals and start with Aviator. It’s a very simple game, but it’s not so much about understanding as it is about feeling the game. There are many strategies, but they all basically boil down to “Martingale”. In Aviator, you either need to bet only on small odds, or you need to take your chances on big odds and generate winnings on normal amounts. The nuance, I think, is obvious: you need a reserve of money. And this method is not suitable for everyone. In general, I wish everyone good luck.

  • №9 says:

    A betting fan like me was not immediately attracted to Aviator. Yes, a friend showed, explained and demonstrated everything, but in the end the game looked like a regular slot game at an online casino. In the end, it didn’t turn out that way! But, let me try to describe all the things I liked, in order. Aviator is a very simple slot + it does not require any knowledge. Yes, it does require some knowledge and quick thinking skills, but you can literally acquire all that in a week. In addition, there are handy tools. You can use them to make betting automatic, which is extremely useful in long games. This will allow you not to waste time on them, and just make bets. It is desirable to replenish the account for an acceptable amount at once. Learn from my mistakes! By the way, there are a lot of Aviator guides on the web. Their number does not compare with that for sports betting, but the one that I came across is quite enough. Be warned right away, folks: sometimes they are written in an extremely illiterate manner that makes you think twice. Now a few words about the winnings. It really is possible to earn a lot, yes. But you have to put a lot more effort into it. Of course, in the Cricket World Cup you can earn even more for some five minutes of the match! But if you take an average bet, it’s less time-consuming in terms of skill. The only exception is probably some rare matches. I remind you that you can still try the DEMO-version. It’s very handy and gives you an unlimited number of tries to guess how far the plane will fly. So my conclusion is: DEMO is a handy tool to practice and refine your strategy.

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