Aviator at Biamobet

Aviator at Biamobet

First deposit bonus +125%

The company offers a bonus of +200% for the first deposit in cryptocurrency. There is also a gift for second deposit +75% + 200FS. Biamobet also offers +100% bonus for your third deposit. Finally, there is a +60% welcome bonus if you deposit $500 or more into your account. The maximum gift is up to $5,000.

I’m not the most experienced online casino player, but I’ve been playing slots for about 5 years now and I’ve been following how the industry is evolving. Lately, everyone here and there has been talking about Aviator. It’s a new crash game from Spribe.

Well, now I will tell you what I think about this product and how much I have managed to win and lose.

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Why did I choose Biamobet online casino?

Aviator can be found today in many online gambling clubs. Obviously, the popular novelty wants to get a hold of all, but it succeeds, predictably, only a few. The trick is that the crash game produces a Georgian company Spribe, which works in an open and legal field. Therefore, the slot is supplied only to those gambling establishments, which have a license.

I didn’t register at Biamo just because of the real license. This is a new casino, and new online clubs always have a bunch of interesting solutions. Just look at the bonuses. The creators of Aviator at Biamobet give out several welcome gifts at once. This reduces the burden on the budget, and I do not like to spend a lot on gambling.

Another factor is support. Through live chat you can easily clarify any details regarding gambling. I, for example, did not immediately understand how to use bonuses and play Aviator in Biamo. The online consultant explained everything to me in 10 seconds.

Aviator: what is it and why is it cool?

Let me tell you right away that the Aviator game at Biamobet is unlike any other. The reviews don’t lie. It really is an emulator with innovative mechanics. To begin with, calling this crash game a slot is erroneous. There are no reels and rows, no symbols and freespins, and in one round you can make two bets… But first things first!

The essence of the game is that in each round the plane rises into the sky. The higher the virtual corncob takes off, the greater the multiplier the casino customer earns on the bet made. However, for this multiplier to work on the official Aviator website in Biamo, you need to have time to close the open bet, and you need to do it before the aircraft flies away from the main screen.

Predicting the corncobber’s behavior isn’t easy. For example, in my first round I safely blew my bet of $1. The corncracker made it to x2 and didn’t go any higher. The round ended before I closed the bet, so I ended up with a loss.

Already in the next round I managed to restore the status quo. This time I closed the bet of $1 at x5. I enjoyed playing Aviator for real money at Biamobet. Earned money immediately credited to the balance of my profile, and I took it out already on my card. It took 10 minutes to withdraw.

In each round you can register two bets, and absolutely different size. I think this is a key feature. Two bets can be separated so that one will sort of insure the other. You can also win with Aviator Spribe strategy in Biamo.

How to start playing Aviator in Biamobet?

Finding Aviator at the Biamo official website is easy. You can use the search from the general navigation bar, go to the showcase of popular casino games, or just look for the game’s logo on the home page.

Playing a full demo mode in Aviator at Biamo is not possible. It turns out that the provider itself does not offer such a version. The player can watch the flight of the aircraft as much as he wants but it is not possible to register a bet for virtual credits. However, the minimum bet in the crash game is only $0.1. So, at first, you can even play Aviator online at Biamo with the minimum deposit, lose, gain experience, but you won’t drain your whole budget in a short period of time.

Crash game Aviator in Biamo for real money opens after registration:

  • I created an account at this company through my phone in literally two clicks.
  • There is no need to fill out a long form.
  • A long verification is not required.
  • The account can be deposited via cards, online wallets and cryptocurrencies. I made my first deposit with VISA. The money came in a couple of seconds.

Before you make your first deposit I recommend you to look at the bonus section. Newbies will have the opportunity to choose one of the gifts on deposits. I took 200% with a wager of x40. To do this you need to deposit at least 10 euros. Reserve money will come in handy, especially if you play by Martingale strategy.

Betting in Aviator is easy. You can open a bet during the current round (the bet will be played in the next round) or during a pause. The moves start automatically and the mechanics allows not to open a bet in every round.

To register a bet, you need to prescribe the amount (or choose from 4 basic options) and click on the appropriate button. In the betting menu, by the way, there is a column autocashout. It is very useful and it should always be used. The essence of this feature is that the player, for example, indicates 2.0. If in the next round the Aviator will overcome this height, the bet will automatically be counted as a winning one.

By the way, one more tip for beginners. It’s still best to download the Aviator mobile app for Android at Biamo. The software downloads for free and responds faster to user requests. In addition, it becomes much more convenient to work with the functions of the online casino itself.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE! Dear readers, you can get the mobile app from the link on this page. I guarantee that the software you download will be free of viruses and malicious code.

Three important features in Aviator’s mechanics

The gameplay of the crash game will seem primitive to newcomers. In fact, it’s not that simple. I’ve started playing Aviator at Biamo for free for about two weeks now, and in that time, I’ve highlighted a few useful tricks.

IMPORTANT: In order to play Aviator at Biamo for free, you can use the DEMO mode.

Autocashout minimizes risk

Manually closing bets is not comfortable. Although Biamobet online casino has a functional mobile version, the standard browser on my Android does not always respond instantly to clicks on the screen. Probably need to update the device, but with the help of autopay I managed to level out this problem.

I usually set autocashout to 2.0. First, the plane passes this mark almost every time. Second, even if the corncob does not make it to that position, I increase every bad bet by x2. Loses are easily recouped, and I don’t have to poke the screen every time.

Again, I remind you that you can download Aviator in Biamo for free. It’s so much more fun to play. No need to enter your username and password every time and look for the working online casino mirror.

Making two bets is profitable

At first I only played with one bet. Still, the fast gameplay took some getting used to. However, later I realized that two bets give more profit.

As the basis, I took the so-called insurance strategy. It allows fighting for high odds over x60 with practically no risk.

I open the first bet with $0.1 and close it with x2. I also make the second bet by a hundred, but try to keep it longer, at least to x10. It turns out that if the first bet goes in, I am guaranteed to cover the cost of the round. Even if the second brings nothing, I still do not go into deficit, but stay at zero.

For this tactic to work, you have to be sure to look at the stats. And that’s another important factor for winning.

Statistics as a major bonus

The betting history opens in the left menu after logging into Aviator in Biamo. You can see your results and examine the overall statistics of all past rounds. This is where the trump card lies.

I have identified the following pattern. If the Aviator mobile app in Biamo shows that the plane has climbed above x5, you can just wait it out for the next 3-4 rounds. The plane is likely to end its journey just after the start. But then it rises high again and already x2 is overcome with 99% probability.

If you build for these cycles, you can easily beat the internal random number generator. I managed to do it several times and easily rose from a deposit of 2000 to 10000. Pretty good, in my opinion!

What strategy helps me win more often?

Finding a gambling game with a win-win strategy used to seem unbelievable to me. But Aviator has one. The bottom line is that many gamblers lack patience and budget. Yes, to win a lot, you have to be prepared and spend a lot.

I will talk about Martingale strategy. Surely many have heard of this tactic. However, in other gambling entertainment such an approach rarely brings money advantages. But in Aviator to realize the benefits of this betting concept is not so difficult.

Here is an example of my winning streak:

  • At Biamobet online casino, I decided to open a deposit with a reserve. I credited $50 at once. This is extremely important in order for the tactic to work. Moreover, the more money on the balance of the profile, the better.
  • As a basis we take a multiplier of x2 and no more. All we need is to increase our bet by 2 times, stop and start again. The final payout in Martingale is not made up by one big win. The amount is accumulated gradually. The player will need time and, as I said, patience.
  • We make a bet of $0.5, we expose the autocashout 2.0. If the bet wins, everything is fine. We can bet again.
  • If the bet fails, we need to win back the costs from the first round and get a small plus. In the next round after losing I register a bet for $1, auto withdrawal I bet x2.
  • If I win $1, I will earn $2. I lost $0.5 in the first round and spent another $1 in the second. It turns out that my net profit will be $0.5.

According to this strategy, each losing bet should be increased by x2. This should be done until the first win. As soon as the payout is received, the series repeats again.

The trick is that in Aviator multiplier x2 appears on the screen often. I have never had to wager more than $10. This is what becomes the secret to success. In the short range in this crash game, Martingale tactics really gives a plus, and the withdrawal of winnings in Biamobet online casino can be made in seconds.

First deposit bonus +125%

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