Aviator at Instantpay

Aviator at Instantpay

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As a long-time fan of gambling, I am constantly looking for new opportunities to expand my horizons and enjoy the excitement of gambling.

And so recently I found Aviator game at Instantpay, a well-known and respected online casino, where I decided to win money. It’s not the only place I look to play, but it has a few attractions that make me not want to pass it by.

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A little about Instantpay online casino

Before start to play Aviator in Instantpay, you need to understand the interface and register at this online casino. This is quite a popular gambling establishment, but because of constant blocking by the state authorities, you have to use only mirrors.

It should be noted that for regular players, this does not affect its availability, the interface is simple and clear, and the number of games is not inferior to the best institutions in the sector of online gambling.

  • The first thing we want to share is the registration in Instantpay. To download the app of this online casino from some countries may require a VPN, but that’s no problem – almost every user has one today. The process itself takes a few minutes. At the top right of the screen is a red button “Registration”, which is difficult not to notice, and clicked on it.
  • In the window that opens, you will need to specify your email, which must be valid, your preferred currency, such as U.S. dollar, as a universal option, and your phone, but it is not required.
  • After clicking on the NEXT button we move on to the next window.
  • The second step specifies your first and last name, date of birth, country, city, address and zip code (some countries are not listed).

I have no problems with deposit, I have a dollar purse Skrill, from which I quickly made a deposit to the online casino. You can work with other systems here, but I’ve only worked with this one, I don’t think there will be a problem with them either.

The money was credited instantly and I was immediately offered a bonus that included:

  • 100% of the deposited amount, in my case $75.
  • 100 freespins given out 20 per day.
  • The wager is x50, which allows it to be quickly recouped.

Since the amount of the first bonus does not exceed $100 or euros, it can be wisely concluded that the first deposit should be made up to $100 to get everything to the maximum. There is also a bonus on the second deposit for VIP-clients, but I have not matured to them yet.

After all the formalities I went to look for Aviator Spribe in Instantpay.

How to find the Aviator game and where can I read the rules?

I should note right away that the number of games presented in this online casino is starting to make my eyes water. But since I was determined to have fun with Aviator, I had to find this particular airplane. And that’s where the search box on the top left of the screen came to my rescue.

I just put the name of the game and chose it in the line that came up. This brought up a window representing the official Aviator website of Instantpay, where you can start playing immediately.

Since any game is new rules, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with them first. It’s nice that the online casino and the developers of Aviator have taken care of this. At the top right of the screen there is an orange button with a question mark and the inscription: “How to play? When you click it, a tutorial video appears that makes everything clear.

Still, I decided to briefly describe how to play Aviator for money at Instantpay, to make it clear that even a simple game can cause a storm of emotions, for which we appreciate the gambling.

The rules were exceptionally simple. I quickly mastered them after I logged into Aviator at Instantpay. The basic idea is that I bet a certain amount, which I pre-select with a button and place a bet. After that the airplane begins its flight. At the first moment the coefficient is 1.0x, with each second it increases, thus multiplying the amount of winnings. At any moment I can stop the process, at the same time, the airplane can also fly away, at which point the game stops. If you have not had time to take the money before then, it flies away with the airplane.

Now for the details. Betting can be done only in the period when the screen shows “Waiting for a new round. Under the game board are 2 equal buttons, which allows you to make two bets. At the top of the playing field you can see the last 10 odds at which the airplane was torn down and flew away. By default I was offered a bet of $1, although the amount can be adjusted in increments of $0.1, the same amount is the minimum bet.

Some nuances of playing Aviator at Instantpay

After playing for a while, I got a little tired of pushing buttons. And so I turned my attention to another feature with which you can play Aviator online at Instantpay.

Above each button there is a switch with the inscriptions “Bet” and “Auto”. After selecting the option “Auto” at the bottom there is an additional line “Auto Play” with the switch “Auto Cashout”, if you turn it on, you can select the coefficient at which the money is automatically taken, which greatly facilitates the game.

Now I will tell you how it looks like in practice:

  • I put a bet of $ 0.5, and then ordered on both buttons auto play.
  • On the first button put odds of 1.45, and on the second 2.2 (it seemed to me the most advantageous strategy).
  • After that, began to make bets during the period when the field is lit “Waiting for a new round.
  • It works this way. When the flying plane reaches the odds of 1.45, winnings are fixed on 1 button in the amount of 0.5 x 1.45 = $0.725, and if it gets to the odds of 2.2, it triggers a bet on the 2nd button and an additional win of 0.5 x 2.2 = $1.1 is fixed.
  • If the flight was interrupted with odds lower than 1,45 both bets are burned, in the range from 1,45 to 2,2 only bet of the first button is active, sweetening the bitterness of defeat and not letting the deposit fall too fast, and if the odds over 2,2 a full double win is fixed.

Obviously, according to similar principles, you can play manually or set the auto play to only one of the buttons, what Aviator crash game at Instantpay so attracts connoisseurs. By the way, the highest odds I saw in the game exceeded 200x, it took my breath away. Even at $0.5, that’s $100 in winnings.

It is very convenient to control your deposit during the game, because it is reflected in the upper right corner of the playing field. So I can immediately see if I am winning, or if the strategy turned out to be unprofitable, so I need to make urgent adjustments.

In order to understand all the features, you can play Aviator at Instantpay for free, but the emotions are far from being the same. It should be noted that the online casino provides unlimited demo mode in Aviator at Instantpay, as well as in other gambling entertainment, which allows you to get used to the interface.

By the way, in the upper right corner of the game window there is a menu where you can adjust the sound, music and animation, view the rules, betting history, betting limits, winnings, etc., which is very important for general development.

If you wish, you can download Aviator for Instantpay, so that you do not constantly go to the casino, and immediately start the game. You can also download the Aviator mobile app for Android at Instantpay to play your favorite game from your phone anywhere you like.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Dear friends, I highly recommend to download the Aviator mobile app for Instantpay from my website. This will easily help you not to fall for the tricks of scammers who offer viruses and malicious code inside the software. Just click on the “Download” button and download the app, it’s that simple.

Winning strategies

I’m already an experienced person, so it’s hard to get carried away talking about cosmic winnings of thousands of dollars 🙂

But Aviator in Instantpay is good enough for getting a small win. In this case, each player develops his own strategy that meets his personal emotional and mental peculiarities, as well as analytical abilities.

But I personally adhere to certain principles, which I would like to share:

  • Do not get carried away with risky bets. On the example of the Aviator this can be formulated more simply. If the odds exceed 1.5x, the probability of losing increases non-linearly, which must be taken into account.
  • Before starting the game I always fix the bet amount. In my case it is $0.5. This helps in time to navigate and adjust the strategy if it does not work. And no Martingale – this method of wagering is an ideal way to lose the deposit in a matter of minutes.
  • The chosen strategy is tested over several dozen bets. It is important to understand that it is not possible to win constantly. The main principle is to be in the black and to fix the winnings before the rollback begins.
  • And most importantly. I play not to make money, but to get pleasure and thrill, as I wish you.

Now let’s look at a few successful strategies that have personally brought me some experience, and some even success.

  • Small odds strategy. This is an intuitive first strategy that comes to mind. That is, to press the button when the odds are around 1.1-1.2x, fixing your winnings. I decided to test it for 20 rounds over several times. At the same time I have left bet $ 0.5, so as not to gain too much. The result was not long to wait – a loss of $ 1 during 20 rounds.
  • Strategy for a long flight on a small bet. If the small odds don’t work, you can hunt for the big one. To do this, I lowered the bet to $0.2 and decided to look for odds at least 10. For reliability, I set the Auto Play so that my hand does not twitch to press the button before the time. In a series of 20 rounds this strategy was not the most successful either and I lost $0.4. But perhaps the series was too short.
  • Selection of the optimal odds. After this dabbling I decided to use the scientific approach, took the betting history, made a screenshot and calculated the average odds of a flight in 3 series of 20 bets. It turned out that the average is within 3.5x. Just in case, set the coefficient of 3.3x returned the bet to $0.5, set the Auto Play and began to have fun. And in a series of 20 rounds I got the first profit of $ 0.5!
  • A combination of bets to find the optimal corridor. For this I used both betting buttons. I set the rate of $0.5 on them, and then I fixed 1.5x on the first button and 3.3x on the second one, using the previously calculated average. After a series of 20 rounds I got a profit of $1.5. The first button does not allow to go down too much, and the second button fixes larger winnings. But at super-small odds both bets lose, but this happens quite rarely.

At the moment my search for strategies continues, there are some ideas, for example, to work with the lower odds on the combined bet, so that it also brings maximum profit.


In general, I enjoyed the game! Both the computer and the Aviator mobile app at Instantpay.

The rules are simple, at the same time, you can consider a large number of strategies that can lead to winnings. Watching the growing odds, especially in manual mode, is particularly emotional. By the way, I forgot to mention that I tried to withdraw the money after the wagering the vejder of the bonus issued to me, everything worked, to the same Skrill wallet.

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