Betting strategies for Aviator

Hello all, friends! With the advent of a gambling game called Aviator in various online casinos I do not have to look for a long time, what would do in the evening after work. This is a great entertainment based solely on a random number generator.

Today Aviator is available in many online casinos. And every day, judging by the reviews, the slot attracts thousands of new users. Already invented a lot of strategies for Aviator, which really work. This slot I really liked when I first played it.

What strategy for Aviator do you use?
The "Martingale" strategy. I believe that this is the most profitable scheme of playing this slot.
I like "Flat".
I don't use any strategies, I just play and have fun.
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How to play Aviator online slot?

If anyone doesn’t know, the point is very simple:

  • Player puts down the desired amount and be sure to confirm his decision on the bet.
  • After pressing the bet confirmation button, the plane begins to gain altitude. At the same time the multiplying coefficient, which starts from x1,0, increases.
  • The bet grows while the plane takes off, and during all this time the player can withdraw his winnings. It is important to press the “Cashout” button in time, otherwise the plane will crash and the bet will lose.
  • The peculiarity of the game is the unpredictable growth of multiplying coefficient, which can reach even x200.

The random number generator is the core of the game. It can give out as little as x1.1, and in a moment, even more than x10. This makes the game more difficult, but the game strategies for Aviator will help you avoid losing your entire bankroll in one sitting.

It turns out that the chances of winning a player – 50×50, which makes it possible to apply different strategies. Even the simplest one: constant doubling of bets after losing, as in roulette when betting on black or red.

In general, in this review I want to share my experience in playing Aviator slot using different strategies, so that you, as a beginner, can choose the best one. The reason is because many experts in this business recommend not to spare money on bets.

Why is it better to do so? Applying a doubling strategy, you can find yourself in a situation where the entire stock of money is not enough for the next step, which can be decisive.

The best strategies for playing Aviator

I’ve tried many different schemes for playing Aviator, and I’ve identified a few that I now often use. And they really help me make money! Of course, you can’t become a millionaire, it’s simply unrealistic, but you can enjoy the adrenaline rush.

So, let me start with the most popular strategies:

  • “Flat”;
  • “Martingale”;
  • “Fixed Bankroll Percentage”;
  • “Kelly Criterion”;
  • “Dalembert Strategy”.

What is the “Flat” strategy?

This is the simplest tactic to play Aviator.

It consists of forming the same bets for each new round. The strategy is considered universal, because it is used in any kind of gambling. This is completely unimportant, what are the odds. Doing constantly the same bets, you are sure to start winning. Exactly for this purpose, the bankroll must be sufficient to cover all previous bets. The total amount of your winnings depends on how many times you win in relation to your losses.

“Flat” comes in different forms depending on the situation:

  • the same amount of bets;
  • with the same percentage, that is, each subsequent bet is 1% of the remaining amount in the account;
  • by odds, but it is difficult to apply the method specifically to Aviator, since the odds change randomly.

In fact, this scheme of playing Aviator is applicable only in the first two types. It is not particularly possible to win by this methodology, but it is quite realistic to get back the money lost.

How to play with “Martingale”?

This is the most popular and one of the most profitable strategies in Aviator for managing your bets.

It consists of doubling the previous bet after each loss. First, you need to set the smallest bet, for example, $1. If the round was lost – double it. And so on until you win. When the bet wins, you need to lower it to the minimum. Then everything is repeated.

The strategy works perfectly in roulette with a single field of “Zero”, but the game Aviator has its own characteristics. It’s all about the multiplied odds, which change randomly. As a result, it turns out that each new bet should be calculated so that its amount in case of winning covered the cost of the previous one. How to do it with floating on an unknown law multiplier – me, frankly, I do not know.

BUT! Let’s say we bet $1 on the first round and lost a bet. Then we need to allocate for the next bet an amount multiplied by the more often falling out multiplier. As a rule, it does not exceed x1.2-x1.6. To do this, you need to play a lot of rounds and make yourself a table of possible bets for 5-10 turns, so that then, without taking a break from the process, quickly select the right one.

Playing by the method “Fixed percentage of the bankroll”

I have already described this technique. As you have already guessed, this is the second kind of strategy “Flat”.

The player chooses the initial bet, which is a certain percentage of the available bankroll. Let’s say 0.5% of $100, or 50 cents. After losing or winning the player again puts 0.5% of the bankroll and so on, without changing the strategy. Winning is quite realistic, but in small increments. Even if you lose several times in a row, the amount will be relatively small. Also, do not strive to wait for huge odds. It is enough to stop taking off right after the start. Even at odds of x1.1 or x1.2 for 10-20 rounds you can earn a few dollars and guaranteed to cheer yourself up.

The whole problem of gambling enthusiasts is that they want to earn a lot and fast. This often fails them, and they lose large sums. In any game, there should be restraint and lack of haste. It is better to spend more time and earn less, but at the end you will get a lot of pleasure. And, most importantly, do not break down after numerous losses, thinking that now I will bet ten times more, and surely in the twentieth round I will win. No, it does not work! And, frankly, often leads to losing the entire bankroll.

“Kelly criterion”

This is another correct strategy choice for playing Aviator.

The method allows you to wisely manage your bets without losing your bankroll. It does not provide for the same bets. The essence of the criterion is to calculate each new bet using a special formula. The method was first applied in 1956 by Kelly himself. It consists in the calculation of the safe bet in accordance with the odds. For Aviator you have to take the average odds for 10-20 games, because we don’t know the multiplier until we play a round.

You must subtract the probability of losing from the product of the decimal coefficient and the probability of winning, and then divide the result by the decimal coefficients. The decimal coefficient is the multiplier minus “1”, and the probability of losing is the difference between one and the probability of winning. Some would say this is a complicated method. Friends, this is partly true! But if you calculate the bets with possible probabilities in advance, then write the obtained data in the table, you can act quickly, confidently heading to the goal.

Trying the “Dalembert” strategy

Is making money in Aviator realistic? If you apply the strategy correctly, it’s quite possible. I am personally convinced of this! And not just once.

Another good strategy is the “Dalembert”. In fact, everything is simple. You must choose a minimum bet and each time increase the amount by one minimum bet when you lose and decrease it in the opposite situation. If you win the planned amount, for example 10 dollars, then start again with the minimum bet. Be sure not to rush, otherwise you can hurt your bankroll! This method is built on the principle of balance, that is, the next time you bet as much as you lost the previous time, thereby keeping the balance.

Important: any strategy relies on the theory of probability, that is, the chances of winning are always 50×50, but the problem is that in this game the multiplier often does not exceed x1.5. Because of this, it is necessary to make smaller bets and consider these flexible odds. Also, don’t forget that gambling is contagious and consumes a person. If you have won all your spent money (even if by a very small amount), I recommend to stop. Haste will not lead to anything good.

Let’s play in DEMO-mode!

To understand how to win in Aviator, you need to try the game.

To do this, the creators of the game came up with DEMO-mode. It consists in the fact that the user does not run the game for real money, but plays for virtual game currency. Many online casinos credit players with $3,000 or even more so they can try out all the strategies.

That’s what I did, playing a few cycles at Aviator. What did it get me?

  1. First, I found the average odds that can be used in the game using the second version of the “Flat” method to calculate the bet.
  2. Secondly, I tried different methods and distinguished the best ones for myself.
  3. Thirdly, I got limitless experience in the game.

And you can also run Aviator at any time to get the adrenaline again without spending a dime. DEMO game mode is endless. To get a new account balance – just restart the game and start testing another strategy.

Glad to be helpful, friends! Play and win.

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