Aviator at Fight Club

Aviator at Fight Club

Bonus up to +225% for your first four deposits
The total bonus is the sum of the first four deposits: 100% + 50% + 50% + 25%. The minimum deposit amount is 20 euros. Wager - x50. The maximum time for which the balance must be replenished is 7 days. Total amount of the gift for four deposits is up to 10 thousand euros.

As a student, I am always looking for different ways to have fun after studying. One evening, returning from classes, I once again sat down at my laptop and randomly stumbled upon the game Aviator in Fight Club online casino. As I realized later, it turned out to be one of my best finds in a while.

Not only is it a great way to have fun, but you can also make money!

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About Fight Club

Fight Club is an online casino that was created in 2021. The project offers a wide range of games, including slots, roulette, blackjack and other card games.

One of the main features of Fight Club is the unique design of the company, made in the style of fighting. All games and elements in the online casino are created in the theme of combat, which personally allowed me to plunge fully into the atmosphere of excitement and extreme. In addition, the company offers various bonuses and promotions that allow you to get additional winnings and increase your bankroll.

Fight Club uses advanced technology to ensure the safety and privacy of players. The casino uses SSL protection and complies with all security standards, which allows players not to worry about their financial data and personal information.

Despite the fact that Fight Club is a relatively new player in the online casino market, it has already managed to gain popularity among players from all over the world. The gambling project provides excellent service, a large selection of games and generous bonuses, which makes it attractive to customers.

Registration at Fight Club online casino

To play Aviator in Fight Club, you need to make a few simple steps:

  1. You need to go to the official website of Aviator in Fight Club.
  2. Then you have to find the “Registration” button and click on it. This button is usually located in the upper right corner of the screen. If you can’t find it, please contact the support team.
  3. Then a page will open with a registration form. Fill it out according to the requirements. Be sure to fill out all of the fields on the form, as this will make it faster and easier for you to access the games.
  4. After you fill out the registration form and click on the “Register” button, you will be sent an email to your email address. This email will contain a link to confirm your account. Click the link and follow the instructions on the page.
  5. After confirming your account, you can top up your account any way you can. I do this most often with a personal bank card.

After registration, you can log in to Aviator in Fight Club. Here, new players will also be able to choose a bonus. Most often it is a certain number of freespins (from 50 to 150) and a bonus on the first deposit (from 50% to 100%).

The essence of Aviator

Among the large number of games presented on the website my sight fell on Aviator.

This game is characterized by ease of understanding and a fairly high chance of winning. It is worth noting right away that several users can play Aviator in Fight Club for free at the same time. We are talking about DEMO-mode. That is, if you want, you can sit down in the evening with friends, go to the same lobby and compete, who will be more successful.

The aim of Aviator game in Fight Club is to guess at what point in time the plane will reach the highest point of flight.

  • The plane appears on the screen, which begins to rise in the air and move to the right.
  • The player must choose one of the suggested options and put his bet on it.
  • The plane is constantly changing its height.
  • Depending on the height varies and the coefficient by which the amount of bets made by the gamblemaker is multiplied.
  • The starting coefficient is x1, but it almost immediately begins to rise. In some games the multiplier can grow to a multiplier of x100 or even x200.

In fact, the player chooses how much to multiply his money. However, it is necessary to be extremely careful, if the airplane falls or flies off the screen, and the gambler did not have time to fix the multiplier, then defeat will follow.

If desired, the player can almost every time to stop at a multiplier of 1.1-1.2. At the same time, it is worth remembering that according to the theory of probability and built-in algorithms, sometimes the airplane can fall almost immediately after it takes off.

One of the main reasons why I like to play Aviator for real money at the Fight Club online casino is the opportunity to win big prizes. The winnings in Aviator can reach several tens of thousands of dollars, which makes this game very attractive to customers who are dreaming of big winnings. In addition, the game has a high percentage of payout (RTP) and the ability to independently adjust the multiplier, which has made it a major way of entertainment for me in recent times.

Aviator game features

The first thing I noticed among the key features of the Aviator crash game in Fight Club was the automatic start of the rounds. Once one airplane has finished flying, a new one starts 5 seconds later. Moreover, it is not necessary to bet on each round. You can make a bet, see how the plane flies during the next rounds and then make a bet.

For beginners there is a demo mode in Aviator at Fight Club. That’s where I first tried my hand. Why risk your own money without understanding the game, when you can first learn all the rules, features, come up with some tactics in your head, and only then throw your money in. The demo mode helped me to understand the essence of the game and understand what to do to win.

In the beginning, I bet in Aviator Spribe at Fight Club as a beginner, manually adjusting the multiplier and trying to catch as much as possible.

However, I later discovered a unique feature available to every player. This is the autoplay.

The player when placing a bet can specify the multiplier, after which the round will automatically end for him. For example, I chose multiplier x5. Next, I no longer need to manually follow the flight of the plane. As soon as he reaches the desired height, the bet will be automatically calculated, and the money won will fall into my balance. This feature allows you to greatly simplify the process of gambling and not to worry that you just miss the right moment when you wanted to close the round.

An important point in the Aviator game in Fight Club is the availability of statistics. If necessary, the player can see any bets made during the last day, week or month.

First of all, such statistics allows to make sure that finances are really paid and there are people who win significant amounts of money. This is what initially allowed me to decide to start gambling.

Statistics makes it possible to analyze the algorithm of the system. I sometimes go into the history of bets and look at what moments of time fell out what multipliers. If you learn how to use this information, you can significantly increase the chances of catching big odds.

Strategies for the game

Everyone wants to win in such games, I was no exception to the rule. After a few wins and winnings I wondered how to increase the amount of winnings. Almost every online casino has people who use certain strategies that help them win more often.

After some time searching on the Internet, I found two most interesting strategies from experienced Aviator players.

The “Budget” strategy

For this strategy, it is best to deposit at least $10-20. In this case, there will be an opportunity to quickly increase the bankroll.

  • The essence of this strategy is fixed bets on the minimum multipliers.
  • The most commonly used multiplier is x1.1.
  • This multiplier works extremely often and very rarely the plane falls at the beginning.
  • More often than not, the plane flies to x1.5-2.5 multipliers.
  • Thus, having made 10 bets of $10, the gamer can win 10 times $10.
  • In total, after 10 rounds, the gamer will have in his account $100.

Own funds are already fully recouped, they are no longer at risk, and the won funds can be used further.

The Martingale tactic

This tactic is used in almost all gambling games. Its essence is to constantly increase the bet by a double.

  • Suppose I started the game with $1, the bet did not play, the airplane fell too early.
  • Next I bet $2, $4, $8, $16, and so on. Eventually, the moment the bet does play, all previous losses will be leveled, the bankroll will return to its original size with some increase ($1).

I rarely use this tactic because I don’t have an impressive bankroll to use the strategy. There is a chance that a win may come only after 10, 15 or 20 tries. Yes, the player will still be in the black, but if you do not have the right amount of money, it is better to use other ways to win.

Aviator mobile app at Fight Club

For a while I’ve been playing Aviator in Fight Club online, using the official website. After a while, I wondered if the game had a mobile app. As it turns out, you can download Aviator at Fight Club to any mobile device.

To download the Aviator mobile app for Android in Fight Club, you need to follow my link in this article and then download the APK and install it on your smartphone. Gadgets often swear at these kinds of files. To solve the problem is simple: you need to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources.

That’s all. Thank you for your attention, friends.

Bonus up to +225% for your first four deposits
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