Aviator at WPlay

Aviator at WPlay

Classic bonus for the first and second deposit

The gambling project offers an excellent loyalty program and unique bonuses for the "LIVE Casino" and "Sports Betting" sections.

Wplay is one of the most popular online casino in Latin America, offering users not only slots and live games, but also a wide line of bets on sports events. The company is completely legal and controlled by the state organization Coljuegos.

Wplay differs from other casinos due to the variety of slots. The platform offers users regular bonuses and a wide range of entertainment. One of the most popular game is Aviator at Wplay.

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Aviator game description

Aviator game in Wplay appeared in 2019. The development was done by the company Spribe. Thanks to the uncomplicated concept and the opportunity to win cash prizes, the slot became popular and began to appear on various sites.

Unlike competitors, everyone can play Aviator in Wplay. The slot has no symbols, reels, lines or visual embellishments. The game has a unique design that gives a different perspective on casino entertainment. The slot is based on a random number generator that works on the basis of statistics on wins and internal analysis.

The game has high rates of return (RTP) – up to 97%. Depending on the volume of bets profit in the long run will be 97% of this amount. With such indicators to play Aviator for money in Wplay becomes profitable, because other machines profitability is much lower.

Aviator is not like any of the usual slots. Anyone with no problem will understand how to play it. The game has a simple design: the night sky, in which flies a red plane following the line. The flight itself is a separate round. It depends on how the trajectory of the line changes, whether the plane will gain altitude or rapidly fall.

The start comes from the minimum multiplier x1. When gaining altitude multiplier rapidly increases. The player must press the bet button to “catch” the best line position. It should be understood that the pilot can go down at any time, because of which the multiplier will “suffer”. If the bet is not cashed before the plane flies away – the money will be lost.

Among the features of the slot are:

  • Multiplier – the figure increases in random format when the plane takes off. No algorithm controlling the original multiplier value is provided. The game always starts with 1x;
  • Amount of winnings – is determined by multiplying the bet amount by the multiplier, which the user was able to “catch”;
  • Money withdrawal – the slot is able to withdraw money on its own to reduce the risk of losing them. However, this feature does not allow you to win much.

Aviator Spribe in Wplay consists of rounds. The game starts once the “Start” button is pressed. The plane immediately sets off, and you can see the multiplier increase on the screen. Multiplier can increase up to x200 – then the player will get a hundred times more than bet.

However, the plane may at any time to fly away or begin to decline. Then the bet will either decrease or even burn out. Control of the gameplay takes place using the menu under the main window. The main key is needed to make or cancel a bet, withdraw money.

In the process, its color will change depending on the mode:

  • Green – you can bet;
  • Red – cancel;
  • Withdrawal of money – yellow.

The Aviator crash game at Wplay uses innovative technology to keep its users safe. The system works on the basis of cryptography, which excludes interference in the gameplay from the outside. This guarantees full transparency and fairness of payouts. Also in the algorithm is prescribed random number generator, which determines the moment when the plane crashes to the ground.

Play without money – demo mode

The official Aviator website in Wplay is loyal to new players. The system allows you to understand how the algorithm works, even if you had no experience with slots before. The demo mode in Aviator at Wplay is an opportunity to try, without registration and deposit, what it feels like to “fly” an airplane. The trial version will not allow you to accurately predict the results of the round, but with it the player can learn the history of multipliers, determine the probabilities and create your own strategy.

Gaining experience in Aviator will allow to understand when the bet should be closed, and when it is better to continue. For example, if the system dropped out only small multipliers and there was nothing big for a long time – most likely the server will soon give a multiplier of x50 or even x80. Demo mode does not require registration in the online casino. It’s enough to go to the site and confirm that you are over 18 years old.

Login to Aviator in Wplay is made via the official online casino portal or through the mobile app. You need to open the menu with a list of slots and find the right game in the list. Below the icon should be a sign that marks the opportunity to open the demo mode. Opening it, the player can get unlimited money on the balance. There will be no restrictions on rounds or time.

Basic Aviator Functions

Despite the elementary control system, the absence of the usual reels and visuals can confuse the first time. Therefore, it is recommended to understand the functions of the system in advance.

Among the elements can be distinguished:

  • Auto run – you need to automatically adjust the amount and number of games;
  • Automatic withdrawal – allows you to achieve regular but small cash prizes, as the player specifies the optimal multiplier at which the bet will be withdrawn;
  • Live Betting – a special panel that displays all players in Aviator, as well as the number of rounds, betting amounts and multipliers;
  • Double bet – the player can make 2 bets at the same time, which will increase the amount of profits.

For additional analysis is used game statics. The function is needed to view the history of bets and wins. In it you can explore the large winning multipliers. The player can also turn off or on the sound effects in the window. If necessary, you can even remove the plane and leave only the numbers with multipliers.

Starting the game and registering at Wplay online casino

You can play Aviator in Wplay for free without registration.

However, if you want to create an account – to do this, you need to go to the official casino website and click on the “Sing Up” button. Creating an account takes several steps:

  1. Go to the authorization and fill in the lines with personal information. You will need to specify the name and surname without errors, as they are written in the identification documents. Then press the “Next” button.
  2. Fill in personal information: country of residence, nationality, information about ID card: number, expiration date, date of issue, etc.
  3. Think up a login and password for further access to your profile. Also we need email address and cell phone number for secure authentication.

After filling in all the data it remains to tick the checkbox that the player agrees to the User Agreement. Then the automatic identity verification process will begin. Thus it is not necessary to load photos of the documents, therefore the verification takes no more than 5 minutes.

Balance replenishment and withdrawal

Playing at online casinos often results in prizes. However, you can play Aviator online at Wplay only after making a deposit (if we are talking about winnings that can be withdrawn). Real money is needed in the game account, so that the system can count the bet.

After registration, each player can count on the first bonus. Upon replenishment, the amount on deposit will be increased by 100%. As a result, it is possible to play twice as long as originally planned. This is a good way to start, because the bonus is converted into real money. And this money can be withdrawn to a real account if you win at Aviator.

Replenishment takes place both online and through a cash terminal. In the first case, you can deposit the balance from home. Use a bank card Visa and Mastercard or one of the electronic systems: Carulla, AstroPay, Flamingo, etc.

For withdrawal, it is better to use the same account from which you deposited money. This will reduce risks and allow the system to process payment faster. Withdrawal of the prize is made in myAlpari through a special option. You must enter the method of withdrawal and the desired amount. The application will be created automatically and after checking all the data the money will be credited to the player’s account.

Aviator mobile app

You can download Aviator at Wplay on mobile devices.

The game is optimized for Android and iOS systems. All thanks to simplified graphics and interface. On the phone, the game is just as easy to understand and start. This option is suitable for those who want to get busy without leaving the couch. You can download the Aviator mobile app for Android at Wplay on the casino’s official website. It is a free feature with no additional restrictions.

The Aviator mobile app in Wplay supports updates, is completely safe and suitable for regular play.

Friends, important information. If you want to download the Aviator app for Wplay, I recommend that you do it from the link on my website. This way you can protect your device from viruses or malicious code.

Betting strategies in Aviator

Strategies allow you to structure the process and move towards your goal with confidence. Most often, Aviator uses an automatic mode with a double bet. The main thing is to make sure that the first one is always bigger than the second one – about 2 times. To win, it is recommended to set the money withdrawal limit on a multiplier of x1.5.

In another case, you can make the first bet 3 times bigger than the second. Then the automatic withdrawal threshold should be at x1.34. The second bet should be more profitable. There are several options for interaction. For example, in some cases, the automatic withdrawal of the second bet is set at a multiplier of x2.5-4.

Also, players often follow the Martingale strategy. After each loss, the next bet is doubled. It allows to reach the positive winnings and to compensate the losses.

Classic bonus for the first and second deposit

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