Aviator at Pin Up

Aviator at Pin Up

Bonus +120% for your first deposit

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Hello dear friend! Today I want to tell you about my experience of playing Aviator at a very cool online casino called Pin Up, from which I withdrew about $20k in my entire history. Meet Pin Up Casino!

Pin Up Casino was founded more than 10 years ago and is famous for its popularity all over the world. Players appreciate this platform for its creative design and the best games from licensed gambling suppliers. Various professionals who have dealt with gambling and similar types of sites were involved in the creation of this online casino.

Their coordinated work resulted in an atmospheric site with a pleasant design and interface.

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Aviator at Pin Up

Aviator at Pin Up is a popular entertainment for those who like to tickle their nerves and, having ventured, raise a lot of greens.

It’s a crashing game where your winnings depend on your intuition and instincts. Randomness is only in the X’s – each time the plane falls at a randomly generated mark. You can land the plane at any point before it crashes, so the chances of a good takeaway from the game are high. X in the game can reach any mark, you can increase your stake at least a hundred times, the main thing is to guess when such an X will be.

Aviator at Pin Up is located in the “Casino” section of the website. Since the crash game Aviator in Pin Up is in demand, it is in the first place in the casino section. If you don’t see it first – use the search and enter the name of the game there. Or try to register and login into your account – may be at your region it should be done firstly.

Pin Up Casino Homepage
Pin Up Casino Homepage Screenshot (may be little differ, depends on your country)

The design of the slot is worked out so that playing Aviator in Pin Up online casino was pleasing to the eye – the plane and all of the surroundings are made in a minimalistic cartoon style and warm colors.

This design does not give you a headache like some slots, nothing catches your eye, in a word – a pleasure. The interface is intuitive – two windows for betting, a field for entering the amount and the “Bet” button. At the bottom of the screen is a line of crashes – the maximum X’s in the past rounds, they can draw conclusions and build some strategies.

Interesting fact: In the background on the official Aviator website, Pin Up shows other players who are holding their bets. This way you can conventionally compete who can fly farther and who has better intuition. Or just watch when people start withdrawing their bets to collect their winnings too.

How to start playing Aviator at online casino Pin Up?

Want to start raising your balance faster in the crash game Aviator at Pin Up – register at the official Pin Up website.

Creating an account is very easy:

  • Go to the Pin Up website mirror.
  • Press the button “Registration” in the right top corner.

Usually the registration window will pop up automatically:

  • Choose how you want to register: by e-mail or by phone.
  • Set the currency to deposit and withdraw money with.
  • Click “Register”.

Voila! – After these steps you will have a registered account. If this is your first time on the site and you create a new account, Pin Up gives you a bonus of 100% and 250 free spins on your first deposit.

Creating account at casino Pin Up
Registration an account at online casino Pin Up

Important: Often the developers of the site give bonuses to players in the form of extra money on the first deposit. If such bonuses are active, there will be a yellow bar at the bottom of the site page that says bonus.

If you already have an account – just log in with the “Login” button.

Balance replenishment

When you register on the website, the system will immediately offer you to top up your balance. The minimum amount to recharge – $1, via electronic purses. Not everyone has the proposed electronic purses for recharging, so most likely you will recharge by card. In this case you will refill your balance for at least $10.

Choose the proposed way of payment, enter the amount in a special window for this and, when the account is refilled, start play Aviator at Pin Up.

“Aviator” section in Pin Up

Once you’ve refilled your balance, you can start play Aviator Game.

The website greets us with different slots, and the first place is occupied by the very popular crash game. The cover of Aviator Game in Pin Up online casino features a beautiful girl pilot with planes flying behind her. I can’t help but notice – this game is the top #1 in popularity among players on the site.

If you somehow find yourself in another section, just click on the three bars in the upper left corner of the screen and select the “Casino” section. That’s where you’ll find the coveted vein for raising money.

When you hover your cursor over Aviator in Pin Up, or when you click through your phone, two modes are offered to choose from: main and demo. Choose how you want to start playing and snatch your first payout.

Play Aviator for real money at Pin Up Casino
Process of playing slot Aviator for real money at Pin Up Casino

Aviator Demo Mode at Pin Up

Now let’s talk to you about demo mode.

What is Demo Mode? Demo mode is a trial version of the game, which is present in most slots. The bottom line is simple: you go in, bet virtual, not real money, practice. Demo game exactly copies the main game mode. The only difference is that virtual funds cannot be withdrawn. If you lose, the demo balance will be replenished.

Before playing Aviator game at Pin Up online casino for real money, it’s worth checking in the demo mode whether today is your day: test your wits, whether you manage to catch X’s before the plane crashes and then risk for real money.

How to play Aviator in Pin Up?

Aviator is a crash game that’s designed for all players: whether you’re new to online casinos or a pro, it doesn’t matter. Everyone will be able to understand the interface and make bets.

Aviator is a crash game that is designed for all players! Whether you’re a newcomer or a pro at online casinos – it does not matter. Everyone will be able to understand the interface and make bets.

The player is faced with the so-called “playing field” – the plane itself with the pilot and the airspace. At the bottom of the game screen there are two betting windows. This means that in one round you can simultaneously make two bets.

In Aviator at Pin Up you can win money even if you step away from the screen! – And this will help the auto-play. How it works: you put a tick in the column “Autoplay” under the button “bet”. You open an additional menu – the coefficient at which the bet will automatically be removed. Now, as long as you do not remove the check mark from the column “Auto play”, the system will do everything for you.

Download Android Aviator app at Pin Up

Sometimes you can’t play from your PC: you either have no PC at all or you are at work, at school, in a cafe, at the cinema, yes, wherever there is no PC. In that case, the mobile Aviator app for Android at Pin Up online casino will help you.

Friends, you can download the Aviator mobile app for Android for Pin Up on this page. I guarantee that the link will be clean from viruses and malicious code.

Downloading the Aviator mobile app from Pin Up won’t be a problem, it’s done in a couple of clicks. First, go to the Pin Up website. Then click on the “Share” button in your browser. Select the “Home screen.” The Pin Up icon now appears on your phone’s Home screen. That way you can always access the casino in your pocket, log in and play Aviator.

There’s no official app on the expanses right now. This is due to the blocking of online casinos in practically all countries. You can download the app Pin Up to play Aviator on the button below – it is the official development from the brand, which is distributed by direct link. There are no other options to get all the benefits of the application.

Strategies for the Aviator game in Pin Up

Probably everyone who enters these kinds of games wants to take out not a small amount of money from them. Sometimes when people are playing without thinking in the process, it turns out only to catch crashes. But it is worth only a little time to study some strategies, the game process, the line of crashes, as soon as your balance can noticeably increase numbers.

It is worth talking about several tactics at once, so that you can use each one to the maximum and bring out the good bucks.

Before we begin, I would like to point out that all strategies and tactics are just mini aids to the game. There is no one hundred percent guarantee that the strategies will completely work. It all depends on your intuition.

Now let’s move on to the strategies for playing Aviator in Pin Up.

Losing = doubling the bet

This strategy is popular among average and experienced online casino players.

The strategy is as follows:

  • Bet a certain amount, let it be conventionally $1.
  • Winning – repeat the bet with the same amount.
  • Losing – double the betting amount.

So you will be able to quickly recoup the lost funds. However, do not lose your head – the strategy is risky. If you want to tickle your nerves – this tactic will provide you with it. Sure, it’s nice to see wins with good winnings when you’re looking at adding to your balance, but you can drain all your invested funds by playing sloppy.

Small Steps

The “Small Steps” strategy is suitable for those who like to take risks, but not by much. Players who use this tactic put big bets on small ones: from 1.1x to 1.4x. In such a case, the chance of winning is great, because most often the plane in the Aviator in Pin Up flies over these marks. However, people often bet huge sums forgetting that there is a chance of falling out multipliers below 1.1x, as well as falling out the most insidious 1x, where no one wins.

Bet a small amount on x’s around 1.1x < x < 1.4x and pour coins into your balance in small increments.

Pin Up Casino Bonuses
List of all Pin Up Casino Bonuses

Seldom but well

The strategy for the Aviator Pin Up game called “Seldom but Aimed” is, I think, understandable from the name. The idea is to catch high X’s by studying the line of decline. It usually works like this: if there are 2-3 low odds in a row (a low odds is considered to be below 1.2), then you should expect 2x+. In this case, people analyze the falling X’s and bet on high odds.

Don’t forget: the number of low X’s in a row is regulated only by randomness. No one guarantees that after 3 low odds, a 4th low X won’t drop. You’re still at risk, but using tactics still increases your chances of winning, rather than just playing mindlessly.


The Aviator Crash game in Pin Up is a great idea to have fun after work or study. Nice graphics will help you enjoy the game to the fullest, and strategies will complement your gameplay with pleasant winnings. You can download Aviator for Pin Up and play from anywhere in the world carrying an online casino in your pocket.

Overall, the game is worthy of attention for all players – not for nothing is it one of the most popular crash games in the casino industry.

Bonus +120% for your first deposit

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