Aviator at Codere

Aviator at Codere

Gift for the first deposit with an easy wagering

A distinctive feature of this online casino - generous gifts with very loyal conditions for wagering.

Hello friends, today I want to share with you a mega-cool find that I discovered. It will be about the Aviator game at online casino Codere. With this game you can not only have a great fun, but really make money! So, if you are interested in the topic, read to the end – I will tell you everything in order.

Let’s go!

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A little bit about Codere online casino

For those who are not yet familiar with this online casino, let me tell you a little bit about it.

Codere online casino as a mobile app was founded in 2008 and since then it has been a leader in the global gambling market. It pleases users with absolute security and a wide variety of games. The developers are not stingy with surprises, each time surprising with new ideas.

Registration on the platform, the rules of the game and deposit your account does not differ from most similar apps! Therefore, for those who already had experience playing at online casinos, it is easy to master the gambling project Codere.

For newcomers to the platform, there are welcome promotions and bonus packages. Do not miss the opportunity and take advantage of free spins, cashback, deposit bonus and other goodies. For the impatient, an express withdrawal works, so you’ll have no problem picking up your winnings.

I should add that this is one of the most secure platforms among existing online casinos. Thanks to the use of modern SSL encryption technology, all gaming sessions remain inaccessible to intruders.

The application’s interface is simple and straightforward. All games are divided into categories. For those who do not know what to choose, there is a category “All Games” (by the way, that’s how I found Aviator in Codere – just looking through the options and was hooked on a flying airplane, but about this later). For those who don’t consider themselves the geeks of online gambling and understand most slot machines, they can choose a game by software provider or other criteria.

If you want to download the Aviator mobile app for Android in Codere, you can play without being tied to a place, at any time. The Aviator mobile app in Codere is almost identical to the PC version in both navigation and user interface. So feel free to download it on Android or iOS and enjoy some cool games! Just keep in mind that the platform is English-language and if you have problems with the language, use auto-translate pages.

Review of Aviator in Codere

And now I’ll tell you about the game itself and why it got me so hooked.

Everyone knows that the idea of extra income is relevant to many people. And if you are an incorrigible gamer, you need to think about how your favorite hobby can bring money. I learned how to earn with Aviator in Codere without much risk, using my algorithm. It really works and I’ll tell you how.

So, Aviator is one of the most popular gambling games on the Codere online casino, based on random numbers.

The essence of the game is simple as hell: the user is offered the role of a pilot who has to lift his plane to the maximum altitude. Before the game, a random number generator will start the coefficient from which the game begins. Winning will depend on the height to which it is possible to fly. The height, in turn, depends on the odds of the final bet. The odds can increase x100! The higher the altitude, the greater the winnings. But at some point the airplane will stop – this is the key point of the game. It is important to collect your bet before the plane gains altitude and stops, otherwise all your money will be burned and you will lose.

Of all types of games with random numbers, Aviator is one of the most reliable, with an RTP (return to player) of 97%. But the risks, as in any gambling game, are there too and you have to take it into account.

I can say it is a somewhat intuitive game, in which it is important to stop in time when you want to raise the bet and press the “Next” button. If you get the idea that the plane is about to stop, quickly withdraw your bet and take your winnings.

So now let me tell you what attracted me to Aviator, okay?

Benefits of Aviator at Codere

What can Aviator do to attract new and experienced players?

  • It is exciting from the first time you play and never lets go. Playing Aviator at Codere is easy and enjoyable. It doesn’t take you long to learn the controls and understand the rules of the game and you’re assured of a pleasant pastime.
  • The possibility of high payouts. As I have already said, the payout is possible in 97% of cases. Having mastered the algorithm, which I will discuss below, you can win up to x 5000 of the initial bet.
  • User Friendly Controls and Game Accessibility at All Times. If you download the Aviator mobile app for Android in Codere, you will have access to the game 24/7. A simple, intuitive interface will help you switch from PC to mobile in no time.
  • If you register at an online casino for the first time, you automatically receive a cool bonuses. So, the no deposit bonus allows you to play in Aviator at Codere for free without making a deposit and really win. You get money in your account when you register without risking anything. IMPORTANT: Friends, I reread my article at this point. It will be correct to make a correction: you can play Aviator in Codere for free only in demo mode. But you can’t withdraw real winnings in this case either. To win real money, you will have to top up your balance with real money.
  • Live chat with other players motivates you to play. You can see what other players are doing if you play Aviator online. You can also see other players’ bets and win/loss statistics. If you know how to think, this information can be useful for developing your strategy.
  • In the case of a loss, the casino accrues cashback from the amount of lost bets. Thus, the money is partially returned and it is not so offensive to lose.
  • High level of security. All personal data provided during registration is protected, as well as the financial transactions.

Rules of the Aviator at Codere

The Aviator Crash Game in Codere is a “quick” game that lasts no more than 1 minute. The shortest session is 8 seconds. On average the game will end in 30 seconds. Time will depend on your decision to stop the game or when the plane stops (which is completely impossible to calculate, because stops are purely random and climbing time is different every time).

I can say that the betting is not bothering – the minimum amount is 10 cents. This allowed me to try different tactics without much risk for my wallet. If you want, you can leave a fixed bet by adding 10 cents each time, or you can increase it at your discretion – there is no upper threshold for betting except the account limit on your deposit.

To familiarize yourself with the game you can run the demo mode in Aviator at Codere. It will help you understand if you like this kind of games and if you are ready to take a risk.

Optimal algorithms for playing Aviator

If you are ready to take a risk and play Aviator for real money in Codere, I suggest you try a strategy that consistently brings me winnings. So, what are the two algorithms for effective gaming that I have chosen for myself?

I play a fast game and a slow game, each of which has its advantages:

  1. Fast game is to close the bet in the early stages. Bet small (in general bet such sums that you can afford to lose without much regret) and close them at odds of 1.1-1.5. Thus you may well earn $10-50 a day. The main thing is not to rise above these odds, no matter how much you would like to continue the game.
  2. Slow game requires more stamina, clear actions, intuition and some mathematical calculations. My observations have shown that the odds are not quite random – they are either below 2, or steadily higher. With this algorithm, you can use two bets, and the second should be 2-4 times higher than the first.

First close the big bet at odds of 1,3-1,75, to recoup the total betting costs. The smaller bet should be closed at odds of 5-10 or more. In this way you can make a profit with a minimum risk of losing.

How to increase the odds of winning

So, you’ve logged into Aviator at Codere and are about to place your first bet.

Use the following tips to help you learn the game faster and increase your chances of winning:

  1. Start with small bets that you won’t mind losing.
  2. Do not be greedy and cash out at small odds. It is enough at the beginning to slightly overlap the bet amount. After spending a few games on such a principle, you will not remain in deficit.
  3. Take advantage of automatic betting with auto stop. Practice shows that by setting the rate of 1.15, you reduce the risk of losing to zero, because more often the game ends with a higher odd. Such tactics will allow you to calmly earn 10-20% of your initial bet. Use the Martingale technique (if funds allow). It consists in increasing bets after each loss. Thus, the winnings will cover all expendable bets. But here it is necessary to watch the stability of kf, which should not be lower than 2 and higher than 3.
  4. Use combined bets (manual and automatic cashout).

Using these tips, you can raise your chances of winning and not have to be disappointed.


In conclusion, I would like to point out that Aviator in Codere from online gambling provider Spribe is an innovation and has not lost its relevance since its creation in 2018. The ability to download Aviator for Codere to any mobile device has greatly expanded the possibilities for players and allowed them not to part with their favorite entertainment for a minute. The only important condition remains the presence of a stable Internet connection.

A large number of advantages, ease of use, impossibility of hacking, live chat, gifts and much more makes the game popular all over the world.

Today, a large number of gaming platforms offer players to try out the new version of the Aviator. Let me tell you right away, you should not buy the tempting offers, because there is a great risk to get on an unsafe counterfeit. It’s safer to go to the Codere official website and play Aviator in peace and safety.

Gift for the first deposit with an easy wagering

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