Aviator at 4rabet

Aviator at 4rabet

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Standard games for real money already a little tired, so I decided to look for something new. Fortunately, the official website of the bookmaker 4rabet offers many options, and my choice fell on Aviator at 4rabet. Naturally, before I tested my strength in this game, I read information about the company through a number of independent sources.

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A little bit about 4rabet

4rabet is a popular online casino operator.

Why a popular one? It is enough to look through the basic information about it through any search engine. And since the Aviator game is available at 4rabet, I had to do a little research.

The company has an official license and uses official software from the leading development studios. For me, this is extremely important, especially when playing for real money. At least because previously, due to my own inexperience, I had to spontaneously come across fakes of legal bookmakers and online casinos.

It also has its own affiliate program. And if you play here from time to time, you can accumulate experience points and increase the percentage of cashback on the balance. In general, the choice in favor of this project was obvious, and checking the information is a pure formality.

4RABET Homepage Screenshot
4RABET Homepage Screenshot

Aviator section on the official website of the 4rabet online casino

As such, there is no separate section for this game here. All you need to do is register on the bookmaker’s website and start playing. I will touch on the registration procedure a little later. As with the section, there is also no Aviator’s official website at 4rabet. It is simply not needed, because Aviator is in a separate section with all the gambling on the portal of the bookmaker.

How to start to play Aviator on the website of online casino 4rabet?

To play Aviator at 4rabet online, you must first register on the site. This point is relevant only for those players who have not previously used the services of the casino in question. The registration procedure is quite simple and you should spend not more than two minutes of your free time on passing all the points.

The sequence of operations is as follows:

  1. Go to the official website of the online casino. This can be done through a full version of the portal with a personal computer or through a mobile version. When using a smartphone, the mobile interface is automatically loaded. It also happens that the link is blocked. This can be caused by the settings of your ISP, private wireless network, or the location of the user. Since I have already encountered this problem, the solution was to get a mirror. I do not recommend to use a VPN, because this option is less safe, and the speed of loading the page decreases significantly.
  2. Click on the button “Registration”. It differs from the other increased size and a distinctive green background. Located at the top right of the interface.
  3. Depending on personal preferences, you can choose a convenient way of registration – quick and through social networks.

In the quick registration we specify the basic contact information – mobile number and email address. There is no need for additional confirmation of contact information.

The next step is to choose game currency. It is selected only once and will remain unchanged after the registration is completed. Consequently, if you select the American dollar, each subsequent login to Aviator in 4rabet will be accompanied by a display of the balance in dollars. The country of residence is determined automatically, but if necessary you can change it manually.

The last step is to enter a secure password.

4RABET registration page
4RABET registration page

When creating an account through social networks, the player must open access to personal information for the online casino website. No third-party publications are created in the profile. The profile is only needed to automatically enter all information about the player. All popular social networks are suitable for creating an account.

Regardless of the chosen method of registration, users are given the opportunity to enter a promo code, if available. Often it can be found on any thematic portal or forum. Thanks to the promo codes can unlock additional benefits – for example, to activate the welcome bonus for registration.

After completing the registration, you must pass the identification of the account. The implementation of this procedure is mandatory, because the company monitors the player’s compliance with internal rules. For example, it checks whether the user has reached the age of majority. To pass the verification, you need to go to a personal account on the site, and in the section “Verification” send scans of a driver’s license or passport. The bookmaker’s office guarantees the complete confidentiality of information and does not use the scans for personal purposes (including the transfer of data to third parties).

If we do not pass the mandatory verification of the account, we may face problems when depositing or withdrawing funds. Although it is possible to use the account without verification, its passing opens the whole range of possibilities.

How to play Aviator?

Aviator crash game at 4rabet caught my attention because of the unique dynamics of the process.

The company establishes its own acceptable range of rates. The point of the game is to independently determine the best possible time in order to break the bank. While the airplane will gain altitude, the interface will begin to increase the payout ratio.

If you timely press the withdrawal key, it will be possible to get a win, the amount of which is calculated on the basis of “the amount of the bet, which should be multiplied by the coefficient at which the player stopped”.

If the airplane flies away before the player stops, the bet will be considered lost. It should be noted that Aviator Spribe in 4rabet uses the RNG technology that automatically determines the odds at random. This procedure is carried out under the strong protection of cryptographic technologies. Consequently, the likelihood of third party influence on odds or prior guessing is reduced to zero.

How to play Aviator at 4rabet?

Let’s walk through the sequence of steps:

  1. Waiting for a new round to start.
  2. Choose the optimal mode of play. There are two of them – manual and automatic. In manual mode we choose the bet amount and make it. When using the automatic mode it is enough to specify the bet amount and the desired coefficient, at which the automatic withdrawal will take place. In the same field we choose the number of rounds during which the game will automatically bet.
  3. Make one or two bets.
  4. The round starts, watch the multiplier increase.
  5. If you want to stop, press the “Bet” button and take your winnings.

Many players often ask me, can I play Aviator at 4rabet for free? Yes, this mode is indeed available. To do so, go to the list of games, find Aviator from the list of available games and hover your cursor over the game icon. It will automatically pop up offering to play for real money or take advantage of the demo mode.

That’s how I tested this game before I started playing Aviator for money at 4rabet.

From my own observations I would like to say that the demo mode in Aviator at 4rabet is just as fair as the real money mode. This is extremely important to me because some online casinos deliberately increase their chances of making a profit by constantly inflating the odds. In this case, it is impossible to do so because there are dozens, if not hundreds of players simultaneously in the Aviator interface, betting with real money. I even tried it with my friend who also has his own online casino account. The result was predictable – the odds were always the same (I played in demo mode, and he played for real money), and the airplane flew away simultaneously for me and him.

There are no strategies and tactics here, because the game is based on pure chance – the odds can “burn out” at any time. True, I would advise not to bet on a large percentage of the balance, because from time to time may come across small odds several times in a row.

Aviator mobile app for 4rabet

Naturally, not all players have the opportunity to use a personal computer or laptop. As I understand from the reviews, every sixth player out of eight uses a mobile device – a smartphone or tablet.

Fortunately, you can download the Aviator mobile app for Android in 4rabet. To be more precise, it is not the mobile Aviator app in 4rabet that is available, it is the 4rabet software. It has all the menus and functions available in the regular PC version.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Dear readers, if you want to download the Aviator app for Android by 4rabet, I recommend you to click on the link in this article. I guarantee clean code and no viruses. This is the easiest way to get the software.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to download Aviator separately from 4rabet. But there is no point in that because the mobile app does not require much traffic and always works stably. But it does require a full internet connection with no connection dips.



Aviator game at online casino 4rabet is a beautiful slot with uncomplicated gameplay and thoughtful interface.

All the buttons and options are as convenient as possible, and to understand the principle of the game, it is enough to spend a couple of minutes of your free time. There is no need to spend your own money to make bets in the “explore mode”, when the user does not understand the sequence of operations and logic of the game. It is really fascinating, because immediately causes sports excitement. The main thing is to use a proven online casino to be sure of the safety of funds and the stability of the withdrawal.

Welcome pack +700% for the first four deposits

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Aviator at 4rabet
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