Aviator at Rushbet

Aviator at Rushbet

A nice gift for signing up

The company offers a bonus not only for the first deposit, but also for registration in the form of free freespins.

Playing and making money at the same time is a dream of many. Mine too!

Since childhood, I dreamed of money falling on my head. And it did! All I had to do was to register on the Rushbet betting site. There’s a section with a great game called Aviator. Just imagine, I open a bottle of beer, turn on the computer and have fun, while increasing my capital. Just a great find on the Internet. By the way, Aviator at Rushbet is available to anyone of legal age.

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What’s the point of the game

I really liked Aviator game at Rushbet because it’s extremely simple. You don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking through the algorithms. It’s great that there’s a demo mode at Rushbet in Aviator. I tried a few bets in it and understood what it was all about at once. I replenished my balance the same evening and made my first money.

I would not call Aviator a slot machine because it has no bonus or basic symbols, no reels and paylines. The gameplay is very simple, at its core is the flight of an airplane to the top. The plane increases in altitude, and with it the coefficient that increases the bet. The start height determines the size of the final winnings. The plane can fly very fast at any time. My job is to get the money before that happens. That’s all. The odds per flight vary from one to several thousand.

The profit is calculated by the formula: multiply the odds by the bet amount. This is simply unthinkable!

When I got $100 in the first evening from $1, I almost went crazy with joy.

I also really like the fact that a lot of users play Aviator at the same time. So, I go into the slot, and with me there are more people. It’s cool to watch other users play and see how much they win. It’s very inspiring. Also, you can replicate their strategies. Sharing experiences is cool. Then there is the open chat room where we exchange opinions, tricks and strategies. This turns me on and adds to the excitement. In general, I sit at home alone, drinking beer and fish, but it feels like I’m in the company. Add to that the profits, and we get the most perfect vacation after a day of work or a day off that you can think of.

Once I started playing Aviator, I stopped taking public transportation and started ordering takeout and trying different brands of expensive beer. Because there’s money to be made. And even if I spend it all in a day, I’ll make more in the evening.

To be honest, I’m thinking of quitting my job and only playing Aviator at Rushbet. The only thing that stops me now is that I’m afraid I’ll get fat. Drinking, eating and playing all day long – after all it’ll be impossible to tear myself away from the game as it’s addictive. Plus I’m a gambling man. Although, on the other hand, if I don’t spend and don’t withdraw all my winnings, I may well be able to earn an apartment for myself. At least, much faster than in a regular job.

I know a simple secret to success – do not gamble, put up to 10% of the amount in the account, then you just do not get to lose.

In Aviator, the winner of each round is determined by a unique algorithm. This is even more encouraging. The odds are always randomly generated, the artificial intelligence increases it and stops it randomly. I never know in advance at what point the growth will stop. This is about honesty, I am sure that the platform will not cheat me, everything is generally clear and extremely honest. I have managed to take the money – I win. No, well, it happens. I, by the way, I rarely lose. Maybe once a night, and not always.

In fact, I form the chance of winning by my own actions, and not some hidden algorithms of the platform.

How to find the Aviator game?

As I said before, Aviator is one of the slots at the Rushbet website. It is placed in a separate section. It’s very simple. Every night I go to my personal account on the site. In general, logging in, I enter my username and password. You simply cannot play for money without registration. Demo version, of course, cool option to play Aviator at Rushbet for free, but I want to get the maximum benefit – and entertainment, and profit.

Here on the main page of the site just click on the name of the game, and that’s it. That is, you don’t have to look for anything. Even a child can figure out how to find it.

By the way, there is also a very handy Aviator mobile app at Rushbet. It has all the same functionality as on the website, and one big advantage – access to the game, regardless of your location.

When I saw the link on the website, I immediately decided to download Aviator for Rushbet. I thought it was cool, I could play at lunchtime and on the go. But personally, I have one “but” – I’m very addicted. And with lunch can be delayed, and in general it is difficult to tune in to work then. So I do not often come in from a cell phone. But on weekends, in good weather, it’s a bombastic option. I sit in the park, for example, or on an alley and play to myself. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the airplane is flying. It is both fun and profitable.

So if you want to find the Aviator mobile app on Android for Rushbet, look for the link to the APK file on the start page. Although you won’t have to look for it, it’s almost in the most prominent place. There’s an app for iPhones, too.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Friends, if you want to download Aviator for Rushbet, I suggest you do it through the link on my website. I guarantee the cleanliness of the software and the absence of viruses.

Interesting game settings in Aviator

The first time I did log in to Aviator at Rushbet, of course I read the detailed rules.

I’m just that kind of person, I need to know everything first and then act. Especially if you can understand the rules as they come and go, you’ll have to learn about the tuning. It’s important to take advantage of all the possibilities. So here goes.

As for the settings, you can:

  • set the volume of the music or turn it off,
  • select the music,
  • adjust the animations.

By the way, it is important for everyone to read the rules of these, because it is worth knowing about the game restrictions, bonus rates, personal scores and so on. Of course, many people miss these points. I also always think that the rules and any other official information is nonsense. But here I would still advise to at least go to the information section and run your eyes over it.

Another cool thing is that the history of the last flight is recorded. This makes it possible to analyze your strategy, change something in it, perhaps. By the way, you can look through not only a day but a month or even a year. Who likes numbers and analyzing all sorts of things, they are the cream of the crop. In the statistics section I usually see information about all bets made, other players’ spins and the biggest winnings. Moreover, it is great that the information is detailed: not just the amount a person won, but the amount of bets and the odds.

I am an analyst, to be honest. But I’ll share what I noticed: at the beginning of the flight the price line breaks in about 3% of the flights. So I suggest you draw conclusions from here.

Important gameplay features

Playing Aviator for real money at Rushbet is possible in two ways – in automatic mode or by betting manually. Accordingly, the settings are called – “Betting” and “Auto”. First, let me tell you how to proceed with the first option.

So, look, first, to place a bet, I need to either specify the amount that I want to bet, or choose from the proposed options. Then already click on the “Bet” button. Then the plane flies, the odds go up. My task is to look at the increasing amount of winnings on a special panel, which is called “CashOut”, and in time to pick up the money.

In principle, everything is very simple. When I first started playing online at Rushbet in Aviator, I always used to specify my own betting amount since the bank was not large yet, I did not want to take any chances. And in general, I was not so sure that I would be able to increase my money so steeply.

Now I usually play on automatic, as they say. The automatic mode is the best invention of the developers of Aviator Spribe in Rushbet, in my opinion. It is enough to specify the odds for autopay and enjoy watching the process. I usually go in, immediately specify the bet amount, a few flight numbers and watch just like a show. It’s fascinating, I can tell you. Very even, especially considering the fact that, in addition to the cool picture on the screen, I also get a real profit.

How to win at Aviator at Rushbet

The Aviator crash game at Rushbet is truly unique.

I would confidently say that it is one of a kind. It runs on a random number generator, which means it’s essentially impossible to find a one hundred percent strategy for yourself, apply it and, as they say, roll the cache on the green.

But I can advise on some strategies, based on my own experience in the game and analysis of statistics:

  • With the simplest and fastest strategy of the game, I cover all bets in the range of 1.1 to 1.50.
  • In the second strategy, I alternately use both fields. After waiting for a series of 5 or more bottom rounds, I make a bet and choose one with odds of 2.00. I leave the second one open and wait for a multiplier of x5-x10.
  • And finally, the third strategy, which I rarely use. This is ideal for those who know how to wait a long time. But sometimes, when I am in the mood, for example on a day off, I open the statistics and find a round with odds of 100.00 and above. Statistically, a 100-200 multiplier roll happens every hour and a half. I use both windows for betting. The first bet is x100-x150 and the second bet is x40.

All in all, the official Aviator website at Rushbet is the most visited on my computer. And I think it’s forever. My life has taken on new color in the truest sense of the word with the registration on it. After all, my reality now consists of abundance and entertainment, financial independence and fun!

A nice gift for signing up

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